Thursday, October 28, 2010

cannons of classification

Cannons of Classification
  • Idea Plane
  1. Cannon of Characteristics
  • Cannon of Differentiation
  • Cannon of Relevance
  • Cannon of Ascertain ability
  • Cannon of Permanence
2.Cannon of Succession of Characteristics
  • Cannon of Concommitance
  • Cannon of Relevant Succession
  • Cannon of Consistent sequence
3.cannon of array
  • Cannon of Exhaustiveness
  • Cannon of Exclusiveness
  • Cannon of Helpful sequence
  1. Time Sequence
  • Principles of later in time
  • Principles of earlier in time
2.Evolutionary sequence
  • Later in Evolution
  • Earlier in Evolution
3.Spatial Contiguity
  • Entities along Vertical Line
  • Entities along Horizontal Line
  • Entities along a circular line
  • Entities along radial line
  • Entities which are away from position
  • Principles of Geogrphical Contiguity
4.Quantitative sequence
  • Principles of increasing quantity
  • Principles of decreasing quantity
5.Complexity sequence
  • Principles of Increasing complexity
  • Principles of Decreasing Complexity
6.Canonnical or Traditional Sequence
7. Literary Warrant Scheme
8. Alphabetical Sequence
9.Developmental Sequence
10. Cannon of Consistent Sequence
  • Cannons for chain
  1. Cannon of increasing intention
  2. cannon of Modulation
  3. cannon of subordinate classes
5. Cannon for filitary Sequence
  1. cannon for subordinate classess
  2. cannon for co ordinate classes
  • Verbal Plane
  1. cannon of verbal contexts
  2. cannon of currency
  3. cannon of reticence
  4. cannon of enumeration
  • Notational Plane
  1. Cannon of relativitycannon of Expressiveness
  2. Cannon of Mixed Notation

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